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Starly Soft is known as the well-established software house in Pakistan. We started our journey on September 2015 with an ambition to provide best-quality web services in Pakistan and develop a trustworthy strategic relationship. Due to new inventions in technology, all barriers of communication are eliminated and the world has become a global village. Many countries started outsourcing their IT departments to developing nations for making it cheaper and reliable for them due the higher currency rates. Starly Soft is well respected and considered as the top-ranked software house in Pakistan.
Starly Soft software house was established in 2015 in Pakistan. With the extension of work, Starly Soft got registered in 2020. Starly Soft software house is providing a wide range of services including website development, web designing, mobile apps development, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing including social media marketing (SMM) and much more.